The People

Owners Alain and Valérie Bostoen-Bourdeau are pure-bred entrepreneurs (Christeyns NV and GOVI NV) and during their busy professional schedule always found time for a good glass of wine. Reading about wine, the process of wine making and the story around wine, was the silver lining in the spare time Alain had. On a business trip to Nantes in 2006, to acquire a chemical plant, Alain and Valérie stayed at a chateau and enjoyed the locally produced wine. That’s where the idea matured to own a vineyard and produce their own wine. A dream that was realised in 2018.

First question was obviously: where? In well-known areas in France or Italy? Or could it be a bit more challenging? Entrepreneurs often don’t choose the easiest path. The Managing Partner of their company in Hungary, Peter Somodí, was aware of their passion for wine making. Peter’s family has a background in wine making and soon the conversation over dinner became a discussion about regions. Peter informed Alain and Valérie about the traditions and the regions in Hungary and introduced them to the southern wine region of Hungary, Villány. It isn’t hard to fall in love with this region, a hidden gem with a lot of potential for wine making. This region was now on top of the list and the quest could start.

Peter also suggested to work with an experienced wine maker. After consultation with sommeliers, Peter contacted István Ipacs Szabó, wine maker of the Vylian winery. István is considered to be top 5 in wine making in Hungary with an excellent knowledge of the Villány region. His knowledge, experience and reputation became the foundation for this new adventure, along with an exceptional wine region (Bordeaux of the East) and an experienced team.