The Region

The Artor vineyard is situated in Villány, Hungary. This is the southernmost wine region of Hungary and also one of the best known, alongside the more northern Tokay.

Villány PDO region has played a pioneering role in the rebirth of Hungarian viniculture and in rehabilitating an international reputation after communism. During communism (1949-1989) there was mainly a quantity not quality mindset. This damaged reputation lasted after communism, despite the many good initiatives. This period is now far behind us and the opposite is true now. Those who tried Hungarian wines, know what we are talking about.

Situated at 45,86 degrees latitude, Villány is the southernmost region of Hungary. It is more or less the same positioning relative to the equator as Bordeaux in France. Hence its nickname ‘Bordeaux of the East’. Villány enjoys a Mediterranean climate, although the land climate tends to be warmer and dryer in summer compared to the sea-touched Bordeaux region. Winters are colder with snow and spring starts later. The soil consists mainly of dolomite and limestone and some patches of clay. All this gives the grapes a lot of time to develop and ripen and provide plenty of vigour to the wines.

Many families of wine makers have chosen Villány as their favourite region for the production of elegant, fruity and powerful red wines. The most prominent grape varieties are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.