Two Gold Medals for Artor

Artor 2019 gets gold medal in Hungary, Artor 2020 confirms in Bruxelles

Villány (HU)/ Ghent (BE) – Artor 2019, the first vintage from Ghent entrepreneurs Alain and Valérie Bostoen, is clearly a hit. The wine confirmed its qualities with a gold medal at the National Wine Competition of Hungary.

231 wineries entered 824 different wines, including 285 reds. 48 red wines received a gold medal and 30 red wines obtained silver. 5 red wines received a major gold medal. The National Council of Wine Communities Hungary (NCWCH) organized the most traditional wine tasting of producers for the 41st time. This National Wine Competition serves as the basis for the national quality selection system of Hungarian wines.

István Ipacs Szabó, Artor winemaker and multi-award-winning expert in Hungary, says, “Such recognitions obviously mean a lot. Alain and Valérie made it very clear to me their goal: to do everything possible to gradually produce a top-level wine. This is the confirmation of our first step!”. Valérie adds, “Our philosophy is very simple: what you drink helps define the moment. Just as champagne is exuberant and festive, good red wine is a guarantee of joy, warm conversations and captivating evenings. That’s the kind of experience we want to put on the table.”

www.artor.hu – As enthusiastic wine lovers and experienced Belgian entrepreneurs (Christeyns NV, GOVI NV), Alain and Valérie Bostoen started their winery Artor in Villány, in southern Hungary, in 2018. Artor is the contraction of the names of their 2 sons, Hector and Arthur. The illustration on the label was drawn by Alain. After every meeting or phone, Valérie finds his typical doodles. She wants to put a different one on the label every year. Artor 2019 is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. An elegant, fruity, very rich and flavorful wine, with a balanced and supple finish